Cannabis Delivery in Las Vegas

Cannabis Delivery in Las Vegas | Where We Deliver & FAQs

We started our fast and easy delivery service to connect you with the best cannabis products in Las Vegas. Oasis deliveries are available seven days a week to eligible customers 21+ with a valid ID and a residential address in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, or Henderson. We’ve laid out instructions below for placing an online order for delivery, so kick back, relax, and enjoy your favorite products and the Best Damn Deals in Nevada from the comfort of your home.

To place your delivery order, visit our online menu and start adding the products you’d like to purchase to your cart. After you’ve added everything, you’d like, head to the checkout bar on the right and select “delivery.”

From here, follow the instructions we’ve laid to verify your name, delivery time, your valid ID, and other information that we need.

After placing your order, you’ll receive a confirmation text and another text when our driver is heading toward your location. Please note that payments are cash only, and our drivers do not carry change with them. However, they do accept and greatly appreciate tips!


What do I need to know before placing my first order?

Delivery is available seven days a week, and we accept new orders 24 hours a day. Our deliveries take place between 7 am and midnight.

Please advise that delivery is only available to residential addresses. We do not deliver to hotels, resorts, or casinos.

Where do you deliver?

We proudly deliver to all of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson, Nevada. To see if you fall within our delivery range, please head to our menu, start adding items to your cart, and input your address on the checkout screen,

Do you offer free delivery?

Yes we do! We offer free delivery on orders of $65 or more.

Are there any delivery fees?

Our minimum order amount for deliveries is $50. Orders between $50 and $64.99 will have a $10 delivery charge. If your order is in this range, we recommend adding another pack of pre-rolls or your favorite edible to reach $65, where you’ll qualify for free delivery.

I’m visiting Las Vegas from another state. Can I place a delivery order?

Yes. Adult-use cannabis is legal in Nevada, and you are eligible to place a delivery order as long as you are 21+, have a valid ID, and place your order at a residential address.

How can I stay updated on deals and updates?

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